The return

My last post was on November 2013. It has been 4 years. 4 long years. At this point I should be able to tell you that I have things figured out. That I have the answers to life and that I can see beyond time and space, where I spoke to multiple beings of vast knowledge and pure imagination. 

Unfortunately that’s not the case. I may have overexagerated some ideas. The truth is that in the past four years I’ve been through hell and back. I’ve been to heaven and back. I’ve been through weird shit and back. Four years can do a lot to a person but one thing hasn’t change… My love for food. (Food is just to important. You should always mention it, even if it has no connection to the topic at hand.)

I still have no understanding of life. I don’t think anyone does. If someone tells you that they do, it means they chose to stop learning. Never trust a person who says they’ve figured life out (or maybe you should?). In the next upcoming posts I’ll talk about all the experiences that I’ve gone through. 

You see I started this blog with the title Mr. Smile, because at the time I had a firm believe that if we smile at the world, the world will smile back. Somewhere deep inside my nearly frosted heart I still believe that to be true. But life has a way of toying with you and you begin to realize that it’s not all fun and games. In fact life can be very serious at times. Now I welcome every challenge thrown at me. Though I no longer have a smile that says I’m a virgin who hasn’t discovered porn yet… Now it’s more of smirk that says “bring it on” 

Until next time, my name is Milton G. And it’s good to be back. 


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