Cyber kiss or Real Kiss.

There are times in life that remind me how incredibly lazy I can be. During the weekend I told myself I would do several things for school and several things to get my name out there as a future Comm arts student; instead I spent my weekend playing my Playstation 3 not four, but 3, and by the time I actually stopped to get some air, I was on my way to school, when the hell did it become Monday. This is a public announcement to let everyone know that procrastination is a serious phenomenon that is slowly spreading and ruining my weekends…or maybe saving them.  Anyways, on to the actual matter at hand.

Recently I started seeing someone. It isn’t anything serious in fact I’m not entirely sure how serious this actually is. The thing is I’ve giving up on the dating world for a while. I’m in school most of my time, I “study” as much as I can and time seems to be wasted in the most stupid of things and at the same time the most genius of things. I thought about dating from time to time, I mean no to brag but I am somewhat charming (at least my dreams tell me that I am). Well, today I tell you that I am seeing someone. She’s smart, sexy and most important of all, real. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I am in a cyber-relationship; and to add the cherry on top of the sundae, she lives in another country! My question to all of you is this “Is it possible?”

As a human being we crave the love of another person and most importantly we crave the physical part of that relationship. When in a long distant relationship where all you have is a webcam and social sites as means of communication, there comes a point when you begin to ask yourself, is all of this possible? I mean there has to be a point when those cyber feelings begin to fade or when you realize how easy it is to say one simple lie. I could probably tell her that I’m someone famous here in New York, when clearly I’m not. You see it’s all the doubtful thoughts that come to mind which in any relationship would normally rise; but when you’re face to face at least you have that contact and things become easier. Sadly, it doesn’t work the other way around because the best moments are when you see him or her through a webcam or when that person sends you a good morning text and telling each other how great it would be to hold each other, to kiss them, but not be sure if it will ever happen.

I guess the point I’m trying to get across is that long distance is one of the most difficult types of relationships out there. As for me, well I keep telling myself this one simple sentence “I’ll see her soon” and honestly I don’t know if I will. I’ve seen this types of relationships fail in the past with others and it’s a fear that clouds my own mind a lot! The funny thing is that when I talk to her, all that goes away…How long will that last… how long until reality sinks in…


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