Time to run?

It’s two in the morning which means it is officially Monday, well it turned Monday at midnight but I just took a look at the clock which means that for me, it just turned Monday. I’m listening to the Blues Brothers song Soul Man. That’s right I’m turning back time. I have no idea why I’m awake at this hour. I have no idea why I have this urge to write. I have this urge to do something, but I can’t.

 I want to run, but I won’t. I want to hide, but I can’t. I wish for freedom, but it’s nothing more than a coin in the bottom of a wishing well.  Some days can be overwhelming. Actually life can be overwhelming. We may have so much going on, things that are beyond our control. Situations in life that seem unfair or mistakes that we don’t want to face. I want to escape. I want to find a little island or a place that’s been abandoned by neglectful people and spend my time there. A vacation would be nice but I have to wait for vacations days to arrive and that just sounds horrible.

Many of you out there may feel that the overwhelming situations that life presents to you are too much to bear. I’ll tell you that it would feel SOO good to get away from it; and I’ll also tell you that you will run in fear. Ladies and gentlemen we cannot escape from life. We can only face the issues we have and try our best to overcome that situation. It’s easy to say and probably difficult to accomplish, but I have this one sentence that comes to mind, “Nothing is impossible.” Life moves on, so the question here is “What will you do?” 

Until next time,

   Mr. Smile 


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