Over thinking can ruin your night

I cannot believe that it has been a month since I haven written anything. I assure you that there’s a perfectly good reason as to why I have not written anything in these past few days. That reason is… nothing; I have no reason; just that Dexter season’s one through four is on Netflix. All my time was spent on that. 

Did you ever wake up and ask yourself, “What the hell am I doing?” I have, numerous times. I don’t really know why. I’m doing the college thing, I have some friends, I tend to be an outgoing person and I smile a lot; yet there’s this odd feeling that something is missing. Something that makes you ask, “What am I doing?” I don’t know what it is or what it could be. I’m not even sure if I really do feel this way or if it’s just one of those days. All I do know is that this question floats like a balloon inside my head. What a confusing thought about life. 

Many of you on this website probably have your head on straight and are reading this blog laughing at how poorly my grammar is. Then again maybe there are some of you who probably share the same feeling I’m having now. It’s hard to give any advice when it comes to the word life. Our parents seem do it and some of us listen, our professors also do it and some of us listen. I always wonder who’s right.  Are my parents right because that’s the way life is or are my professors right because, well again that’s the way life is… that’s when someone usually says, ” you choose the life that you want to live.” but it all leads back to that same question, “What am I doing?” 

I wish I had more to say about this floating question inside my head; but it seems that it will float freely until I find an answer. The only way to do that is to live life I guess. It seems simple enough yet I feel that those words carry so much weight to them. I feel that it’ll be interesting. Ladies and Gentlemen, we do control some of the things in our life. Having questions like mine will happen, but it shouldn’t slow us down like it’s slowing me down.

I’ll tell you one thing, some days you just hate. Some days, we just over think every single situation and never find an answer, and most days we simply smile and live. 


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