Can it be Destiny??

There are moments in life that make us believe that destiny is real. Things that we see in love movies become a possibility and we can’t help but wonder what sort of magical moment will happen next. Eventually you get tired of waiting and dream about destiny being real because in the real world it means nothing. It’s funny how life can sometimes prove you wrong. 


I woke up one day and it was a normal day. I would get dressed, eat something and then do what I needed to do; but on this particular day (Monday) I was surprised to see someone who I haven’t seen in quite some time. I enjoyed the time we had. We would tell stories, laugh and talk about life. The following Monday felt different; The following Monday I would wake up smiling. I was happy that it was Monday I would get dressed with a smile eat my breakfast with a smile, I even had a crazy woman scream at me, I stood there with a BIG smile on my face while she yelled at me about something I could care less about. I arrived at the train station a bit early hoping that I would see this person. I didn’t see her. Instead I went to take care of some last minute errands. 


I was walking back to the train station when I hear a song from John Legend come up next on my iPhone. I get on the escalator; I begin to see the edge of the platform and the song is about to reach the chorus and then…there she was, standing there. The escalator is slowly moving me to the top of the platform and slowly I see her more and more. The wind was blowing through her hair as she turns her head, her eyes met mine and she smiled. The song was half way through the chorus and all I could think about was “where are the credits to this movie” I smiled back I took off my earphones because I just couldn’t believe the timing of a chorus of a romantic song and the escalator bringing me up to the top. It seriously felt like a scene in a romantic comedy. I felt that love was possible; I felt that Destiny was playing its role. 


Sometimes Life gives you moments that make you want to believe that anything is possible. In our short existence it is definitely what we need to believe. I know that this woman won’t be the love of my life or maybe she might be. This interesting moment in my life means that I should believe that anything is possible. It means that I can try anything and fail or succeed, but at least I would know that I tried. It means that love is extremely funny and will show up when you least expect it to. It means I don’t have to limit myself based on what others think. That’s the lesson here. We need to think that the possible exists because if we don’t, all we’re doing is living a life of regret.


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