I was never the crazy type. I’ve made stupid mistakes in my past but those were just stupid mistakes. I remember in High school all of my friends were the crazy ones, they would party, they would have fun, they would go dancing and me… I would do nothing. I would sit at home watching cartoon shows and masturbating my day away. I wasn’t very popular, I wasn’t very involved in the in crowd. I would be the very definition of the nerdy person you would see in movies and tv shows. I guess my high school years are the years I would regret. The only thing I would learn is “People are insane and mean and sometimes, assholes.” At least the first high school I went to.

Now I’m in college and I feel like the same thing is happening again, minus the cartoon watching and the excessive masturbation moments. I’m kidding, my high school days did not consist of this, but they were pretty bad. I have to be honest, there is no reason for history to repeat itself. If it does, than there is something you need to change. It won’t be easy, but you will realize that maybe it isn’t the people around that have the problem, maybe, just maybe…it might be you who has not changed since high school. The point in life is to open up, to change who you used to be, to grow up and realize that life is so short and we can not waste it by being who we once were and never be open to change…

I’m afraid that in the beginning of my semester I was acting like the person that I used to be back in high school instead of being the awesome person that I am now. Why I was afraid I am not sure; but what I do know is that I am no longer afraid about being someone different, I’m no longer afraid of opening up and closing the door to the old me and hello to someone different.  This is Mr. Smile saying, don’t be afraid of change.

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